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Physical Therapy Equipment Repairs, Calibrations and Preventative Maintenance Checks

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We have been providing the state of Arizona repairs, calibrations and Preventative Maintenance checks since 1959.  Specializing in Rehabilitation/Physical therapy modalities for PT, Athletic training room and Rehabilitation facilities. 

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We are a biomedical company specializing in the Repair, Calibration and Preventative Maintenance checks on Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation modalities in the state of Arizona.  In-field and in-shop services provided. 

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Alan Stotts -President

Graduated with an associates degree in advanced electronics and robotics in 1989 from Phoenix Institute off Technology.  The company was founded in 1959 as Medical Electronics.   Alan purchased the company in 1995 and has been a leading provider in the Physical Therapy Modality field for over 28 years



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